FTL010 – Son of Havoc Wins!

This week, we finally feel good about backing Son of Havoc. He finally won a match, you guys! And, is Cage to dumb to be Lucha Underground Champion? (more…)


FTW259 – Previewing WrestleMania 31 w/ BotchedSpot.com

This week, Garvin, Joe, and Nick are joined by Harrison and James Hornsby from BotchedSpot.com to preview WrestleMania 31 in full. How does Brock Lesnar re-signing affect our predictions? Does anyone want to see HHH vs. Sting? And which match should Sheamus return to get involved in? (more…)

Released: March 25, 2015

FTW258 – Nikki Bella Is The Total Package and More WM31 Talk

This week, Garvin and Nick are joined by Harrison and Adam to continue down the road to WrestleMania 31: Why can’t WWE do anything right when it comes to Rusev vs. Cena? Is Nikki Bella the best Diva on the roster? And will Alex Riley walk home with the Fans Talk WWE Championship after his match with Kevin Owens? All that and the week that was in WWE and NXT. (more…)

Released: March 18, 2015

FTL008 – From Cage Matches to Casket Matches

This week, we review one of the better wrestling episodes of Lucha Underground this year, including Pentagon Jr’s return to the longer match format. We also talk about whether or not Lucha Underground is taking the right steps when it comes to gender equality. (more…)

Released: March 13, 2015

FTW257 – Does WrestleMania 31 feel like just another WWE event?

This week, Garvin, Joe, and Nick sat down to talk about WrestleMania 31 – is WWE pushing their effort to the side in hopes to make WM32 in the 100k+ seat Cowboy Stadium seem like a bigger deal? Plus, where should Daniel Bryan compete at WM31: IC Ladder Match or Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal? (more…)

Released: March 11, 2015