Fans Talk TNA 013 – BDC Takes Over, Feast or Fired, Kong vs. Havok

This week, we talk about all of the changes made by TNA during the Friday night premier of Impact Wrestling. We also look at TNA’s first secondary program released to the US: Impact Wrestling Unlocked. Is it worth watching? And who will walk out with a World Championship title shot (and a pink slip) after this week’s Feast or Fired? (more…)

FTW246 – Can TNA Be Successful in 2015?

This week Nick and Garvin sit down with David Gilbert of to talk about what we want to see TNA do on the new network. Does TNA need to make a complete change all the way from the top?


FTW245 – The Drunk Show 2014

This week is the drunk show as well as the final live episode of Fans Talk Wrestling in 2014. We’re going to all be drinking pretty heavily. While that’s going on, we’re going to be reviewing NXT Takeover R Evolution, as well as this past Sunday’s WWE Tables, Ladders, Chairs,… and Stairs, plus the week that was in Lucha Underground and TNA. Expect, and enjoy, the train wreck.


Fans Talk TNA #007 – Best of 2014 – Part Two

In this episode, Nick and Garvin talk about the new “Best of 2014 Awards” series that is putting together. We talk about the second set of six awards, all of the nominations, and who we think deserves the nod.