What’s Next for AJ Styles?

There has been much controversy surrounding TNA over the last several months: talk of people getting fired, dressing room morale, and the majority of the IWC poking fun at TNA’s financial problems. However, TNA has been doing a good job lately.

For those of you who haven’t been following TNA recently, their ‘golden boy’ AJ Styles won the World Heavyweight Championship at their biggest PPV, Bound For Glory, from Bully Ray. This was an outcome that many people were expecting to happen, but there is another twist to this storyline. AJ Styles is apparently without a contract, making him a free agent in the wrestling world. There have been many critics arguing that this resembles the Summer of Punk from 2011, where CM Punk left the WWE with the big belt.

It’s quite understandable why the fans would suggest that, but even though the storylines are similar, there is one thing that’s different here. While the WWE were playing up the storyline for Punk, he was only gone for 2 weeks with the belt; the WWE dropped the ball with him. All that momentum he had was gone when he came back after such a short period of time and essentially broke his promise of changing the WWE. TNA, however, has the opportunity to do something special with Styles here. There is talk of having him defend the belt in promotions like AAA in Mexico, as well as New Japan, Wrestle-1, and so on.

Meanwhile, in TNA, there are plans of having a tournament for the vacant world title. In my mind, I believe that AJ Styles should be going around the world defending the belt while TNA builds up one man to eventually face Styles when he comes back. For me, that man is Magnus. A few months ago, he was dominating the BFG Series and was being given a legitimate push towards the title. There is still time for that, as his match with Sting gave him some momentum. While AJ is beating guys on the indy scene, I would have Magnus in major matches with the likes of Bobby Roode, Jeff Hardy, and Kurt Angle, guys that could make him look like a million dollars. In order to intensify the feud, Magnus would play the heel’s role. He doesn’t necessarily have to be a full-fledged bad guy, but the hungry wrestler who will do anything to get that world title.

While AJ is still without a contract, Dixie would then try to offer him a new mega-contract, and he would have the following demands. If he was to consider going back to TNA, she would have to bring back the old X-division wrestlers, bring back the six-sided ring, and go back to what TNA used to be. When Dixie accepts those demands, AJ Styles re-signs with TNA and his wish for change has come true. Now that he’s back, Magnus announces that he wants to face AJ for the title. In a huge title bout, he finally drops the title to Magnus after several months of being the champion.