Sting Going To The WWE Would Be Pathetic

It’s always the same at this time of year: Sting’s TNA contract comes to an end and there is endless speculation that Sting will make his was to the WWE for the first time in his career.

It was the same thing last year, when everyone was positive he would show up in a WWE ring, but that wasn’t the case. Now there are strong rumours (and I emphasize the word rumours) circulating that he may well have signed with the WWE and might possibly be a part of their upcoming Wrestlemania show.

I want to lay my card on the table here – I will not be excited in the slightest if Sting does indeed end up doing some work for Vince McMahon. In fact, I think it’s pretty sad. We have just seen Kurt Angle doing a recent interview where he basically stated that he wants to go back to the WWE and it will probably happen. All this while he is still under contract with TNA. And if Sting were to do the same and somehow finish his wrestling days in a ring he has never stepped foot in before, it begs the question – is TNA not a good enough location for Sting to retire in?

If Sting jumps ship, I think you have your answer. It will mean that as much as he supposedly loves TNA and their fans, he doesn’t feel they can offer him the spotlight and fanfare that he feels his retirement deserves. It’s a pretty egotistical move, if you ask me. Sting has no history with the WWE and for the last 20 years or so, has avoided being employed by them. I am sure there have been many chances for him to join the WWE, but he has never made the move. So why now?

Unless he has been very foolish with his money (like Ric Flair) I doubt he needs a big final pay check. It just seems that there is this big attraction that the WWE has that Sting would somehow have to give in to. Almost as if he feels he has to go to the WWE to probably just have one meaningless match with someone he has never wrestled before. And for what reason? Just so he can say he did it?

Who is really passionate to see Sting in a WWE ring in front of a WWE crowd? And I still have no idea why people think it would be a perfect fit for him to wrestle the Undertaker. Perhaps someone can explain that one to me? I, for one, think that would be an awful match that anyone would be foolish to pay to see.

Le me finish by saying this – if Sting does indeed end up in the WWE, then that would be a giant slap in the face to TNA. Like I said, it’s as if TNA is not good enough for him to retire there.

I think it would be totally pathetic if Sting went to the WWE, just for the sake of it.

  • Garvin from FTW

    The only good place I can see Sting is helping push the WWE Network. There will be a lot of WCW content that he can help promote. He does have a place in the WWE Hall of Fame. Anything else is unwanted and unneeded. His career in-ring should be over now.

  • Chris316

    As you know, I am a big fan of TNA. I love the show, the wrestlers, the craziness. But I also watch WWE. I was a big WWF fan, born in 1986, growing up and watching wrestling from the early 90’s with my friends and parents and of course the Attitude era. Then I had a 10 year blip where the whole WWE happened and early TNA and I kind of dipped my toe in now and again and didnt really bother until a few years back.

    Anyway, I know you feel strongly about if Sting left, it would be a massive insult to TNA. A lot of TNA fans probably feel that way BUT what we must accept here is that WWE and TNA are in no way on the same level. We must also accept that most, if not all wrestlers probably view WWE as the holy grail, the pinnacle of ones career. Its where the money is and is almost definitely a company that we will be there forever.

    Sting may not have had any history in WWE, but he has A LOT of history in WCW and a whole host of his old good WCW buddies are part of the “WWE universe” – Many wrestled, all will be showcased on the WWE network who owns the rights to show all of the WCW matches. When you consider that Sting will be looking to retire soon, you can understand a few factors that may want him to have a small stint in WWE:

    1. One last payday. Vince will probably pay a decent sum for him to have this stint. More than a TNA contract is probably going to be worth anyway.

    2. The chance to hang out and attend all the WWE hall of fame (whether he is inducted or not) events with all his old buddies and the prestige that I am sure is associated with that.

    3. The chance of immortality. As I said, WWE isnt going anyway. I don’t believe all the crap about TNA going out of business, it all looks fine to me. But in 20 years time do I think TNA will still be going? Maybe. Will WWE? Most definitely.

    Just because he (maybe) joins WWE doesnt mean any disrespect to

    You’ve got to think, there must be a lot of WCW fans watching the WWE product. When WWF acquired WCW half of the roster came to WWF so fans would still want to watch their favourite wrestlers. At a recent PPV (Night of Champions) they had a WWE App poll for greatest United States Champion of All Time.Sting, who has never fought in the WWE won with a resounding 53%.

    I’m not bothered about seeing Sting fight the Undertaker (a tag match with those together seems more plausible to me, against opponents who can carry the match and so both Sting and Undertaker go over), hell I’m not even that much of a fan of Sting fighting anymore but I can understand the reasons for him going to WWE and as a fan of TNA, I dont think it is a slap in the face to TNA or the TNA fans. He’s out of contract, hes done his job, he hasnt spoken of his desire to join the WWE while under contract so I dont care what he does.

    On the flip side I am more interested to see what WWE would do with him than what TNA would. He has done it all in TNA. The character is old. Seeing him in WWE with different talent and a revamp of his gimmick could be good for wrestling fans in general.

    If Sting does join WWE, I don’t begrudge him of this. The TNA fans love him and he’s been pretty decent back, being a big name in a relatively small company and has given it his best, wrestling way too much for his years. If he moves to WWE, thats great for WWE and for TNA they can continue to develop their impressive talent and help make stars from the ground up (ala Magnus).

  • bryan wozniak

    Hahaha. Pathetic? Just because Sting made a decision to not go to the WWE until now (possibly) you want to vilify him because he might want to end his career in the biggest wrestling company on the planet? This guy has spent the better part of the last decade doing all he could to get others over in TNA not to mention the fierce loyalty he had to the NWA/WCW where he did everything he was asked and you want to complain he’s being egotistical, as if he’s the only pro wrestler in history to have an ego? This guy has EARNED the right to be egotistical after 30 years in the biz. I don’t think this has anything to do with slapping TNA’s face. If anything they should congratulate him and give him their blessing for staying through all their terrible angles. Apparently there are quite a few fans interested in seeing Sting wrestle in WWE as evidenced by the talk and fervor over a match between he and the UT every year. Sting can still put it together for a big match. And the intrigue with the UT is the fact they are 2 of the biggest stars for their respective companies to never have faced each other. No other star in WWE is going to break the streak so why not a dream match even if it is 10 yrs overdue.

  • LadyDragonsblood

    You do realize that Vince OWNS all of Stings body of work with the WCW. Sting NEEDS to be in the WWF so that body of work is not lost, and can be released on DVD. It would also ensure him a place in the Hall of Fame. You have to face it, TNA is dying… and rapidly, sadly. I think Stings ring days are over. There is a LOT he could do in the WWF. He would make a great agent or trainer at NXT. He could also do a lot with the new network. I personally think it’s time for him to set his pride aside (he has always been proud of the fact that he never worked for Vince) and go to the WWF where his GREAT body of ring work will be APPRECIATED!

  • thekeelo_g

    “It will mean that as much as he supposedly loves TNA and their fans, he doesn’t feel they can offer him the spotlight and fanfare that he feels his retirement deserves.”

    Honestly? They can’t offer Sting the spotlight or fanfare he deserves. WrestleMania 30 is going to sell out the Superdome, which means Sting would have a crowd of 72,000 screaming fans, by far the largest crowd he’d ever appear in front of, and with millions of people watching at home. TNA couldn’t compete with that if they had three months to aggregate a crowd.

    Sting was a crucial part of WCW when WCW was kicking the shit out of Vince and WWF. He deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame, and to paint him as a traitor to TNA when he could have left them at any point, but chose not to, is ridiculous. Sting more than deserves the payday and prestige that would come with a WrestleMania match.